Century Wins Multiple Awards at MdQI 2019

March 2019 | Century

Century came away with several awards at this year’s MdQI Conference, including the coveted “I-Beam Award” for winning the 2019 Engineering Challenge with our unstoppable ping pong ball cannon, and multiple accolades for our Independent Design Quality Assurance (IDQA) services on the MD 404 Design Build team.

MdQI Engineering Challenge

Century’s ping pong ball cannon design and performance during the competition proved to be the most accurate out of the 26 teams participating. Congratulations to Bill Carver, Matt Zulkowski, Brian Curtis, and the rest of the Century team!

MD 404 Project Awards

Century is proud to be a member of the MD 404 Design-Build team, providing independent design quality assurance (IDQA) services. The project was recognized with the following awards:

  • MdQI Maryland State Highway Administration Award (Over $5 Million)
  • MdQI Project of the Year (Over $5 Million)
  • MdQI Partnering Construction Bronze Award¬†

This was not only a time-sensitive and complex project, but it was also the first design-build where the Maryland State Highway Administration required services of an IDQA firm to review all design elements to ensure they are in compliance with the contract documents and the Design Quality Control Plan. 


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