The Future of Stormwater Management is in the Forecast

Utilizing digital forecasting technology, the SmartSWM system slowly releases water between weather events to maintain a healthy level while allowing time for solids to settle to the bottom to produce cleaner water and mitigate stream erosion. The SmartSWM system improves water quality of receiving waterbodies, protecting the wetlands and aquatic ecosystems while conserving water resources.


The benefits for the environment and for landowners are significant. Most existing ponds can easily be retrofitted – so this proven technology is poised to make a huge impact as a highly effective green infrastructure solution.


With SmartSWM system innovative technology, a valve controls the release of water, sensors monitor water depth, and an internet-enabled computer tracks weather forecast. Unlike traditional passive facilities, the main goal is to keep water in the pond longer to allow more pollutants to drop out and water to absorb into the ground.

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