Springwell Senior Living Building Expansion

Springwell Senior Living Building Expansion

When Springwell Senior Living saw increased demand for larger, modernized units in their ever-growing assisted- and independent-living community, Century answered the call, leading the services necessary to make The Homestead at Springwell a reality.

Uphill Battles

Any 160,000-square-foot building requires extensive site planning, but the extreme grade change at the Springwell property made seamless coordination between the architect, structural engineer, and civil engineer an absolute necessity to accommodate the existing landscape and avoid future disaster. To support the architect’s split-level building design, two-story concrete basement walls retain earth on the side that cuts into the existing hillside. Conventional spread footings support the structure.

Preserving Perfect Fits

With the exception of steel girders and columns in the common areas to allow for wide open spaces, The Homestead is an all-wood building. Potential shrinkage of wood in wall plates can cause up to one inch of vertical shrinkage in multi-story wood buildings like this one, leading to problems with fits and finishes. We recommended a virtually shrinkage-free, laminated strand lumber for the stud wall plates, giving the owner and contractor peace of mind.

Creating Green Spaces

Century’s civil engineers and landscape architects worked hard to design a harmonious, campus-like outdoor space to surround The Homestead. Landscape plans included walks, gardens, and patios for residents to enjoy, and evergreen screening to accommodate adjacent neighbors. Even around a moderately steep site, environmental site designers provided 100-year stormwater management, 20 environmental site design (ESD) features, and one quantity management dry pond.

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