Hotel Hershey: The Grand Expansion

Hotel Hershey: The Grand Expansion

In celebration of its 75th Anniversary, The Hotel Hershey embarked on a multi-year building campaign known as “The Grand Expansion.” Considered the most transformative set of improvements to the 226-acre campus since Milton S. Hershey constructed the original hotel. The ecologically- and environmentally-sensitive design included new guest rooms, upgraded on-site recreational facilities, additional parking and other guest amenities that make the Hershey experience that much sweeter.

No Vacancy

The hotel needed to remain fully occupied throughout the two year construction period, so the construction sequence and staging needed to be as practical, efficient, and unobtrusive as possible to guests.  Century developed an eight-stage construction schedule that relied on the creation of logical new spaces to allow for the timely relocation of parking and guest registration, conversion of utility services, and uninterrupted recreational activities without compromising existing capacities or functionality.  

Underground Innovation

Along with The Great Expansion came the potential for some unintended consequences, including  impacts from additional stormwater runoff associated with the hotel’s new 300-car parking lot. To eliminate concerns of additional runoff reaching surrounding neighborhoods downhill, Century designed the parking lot as 100 percent porous asphalt pavement, capturing all of the additional runoff attributable to that lot and retaining it on site through the use of reservoir courses beneath the pavement, allowing it to recharge the local aquifer. 

Growing Pressure

The existing Hotel Hershey was plagued by low water pressure for many years, affecting the performance of flush valves and other equipment. Century conducted hydrant flow testing, prepared a hydraulic model for the campus, and worked closely with the public water provider to design a pressure booster station that elevated the water pressure in the existing hotel and provided service with adequate pressure to all new buildings. 

Project Awards

LEED Silver®

Engineering Excellence Award, ACEC/PA, 2011

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