New Promotions and Professional Licenses

July 2020 | Century

Century is pleased to announce our most recent promotions and professional licenses. Congratulations to everyone, and keep on raising the bar!


William (Bill) Conway, PE, Senior Vice President

We are pleased to announce the promotion of William (Bill) Conway, PE to the position of Senior Vice President for the Delaware Transportation Department. As a Professional Engineer, Bill began his career with Century in 1997. He successfully leads a team of twenty-four staff reports including a Vice President and two Associate Vice Presidents. In addition to overseeing the Delaware Transportation Department, Bill has expanded his role to managing a specialized CADD support services group and the advancement of the UAV services in Delaware. He has been instrumental in the continued development of procedures for improving general office operations and the development and training of staff to maintain a highly functioning department. Bill has consistently displayed strong leadership and business acumen to positively influence Century’s continued growth.

Steven Penoza, PE, Vice President 

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Steven Penoza, PE to the position of Vice President. Steve has been with Century Engineering for over 21 years. With a team of six direct reports and oversight of numerous other support staff members throughout the company, Steve continues to expand his influence and has taken on the responsibilities of the on-site coordination efforts managed out of the Newark, Delaware office. From a project standpoint, Steve successfully leads design efforts to go above and beyond for the client, producing quality work that is delivered on time and with enthusiasm. He is an integral member of the Century management team and is actively engaged in the support of business operations and staff members.

Frederick (Nick) Josties, PE, Associate Vice President

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Frederick (Nick) Josties, PE to the position of Associate Vice President. Nick joined the Century team in 2017. As a Professional Engineer, he has demonstrated his technical capabilities along with strong leadership acumen for Century’s Virginia and Maryland water/wastewater management services. Earlier this year, Nick was challenged to lead and manage the Fairfax operation. He successfully implemented change to provide improvements in workload, utilization, and overall profitability compared to previous years. Nick’s commitment to the client is demonstrated by the repeat work and project praises he receives. We are confident that in this new role, he will be instrumental in further expanding our business development efforts in the Virginia and Maryland water/wastewater markets.


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