Carriage Road Bridge

Existing Bridge Conditions

The existing bridge is a single span, concrete T-beam superstructure with stone masonry abutments and wingwalls that carries SR 3018 (Old Carriage Road) over Catasauqua Creek in East Allen Township, Northampton County. The existing span is approximately 29 feet and has an approximate skew of 45 degrees. The existing two (2) lane bridge has a curb-to-curb width of approximately 23 feet. The riding surface consists of a concrete deck with a bituminous overlay. The bridge railings consist of 2’-10”-high reinforced concrete pigeonholed balustrades. The bridge is currently posted with a weight restriction of 35 tons or 40 tons (combination).

The existing approach roadway is bituminous and contains two (2) 9-foot lanes and 2-foot shoulders. There is no existing guide rail on the approach roadway.

The project is in a rural area, approximately 5.5 miles southeast of Northampton and 2.97 miles west of Bath.

Proposed New Bridge Construction

The proposed bridge will most likely be a prestressed concrete spread box beam bridge. The proposed bridge will have a curb-to-curb width of 22 feet and have two (2) 9-foot lanes with 2-foot shoulders cross sloped at 5.60%. The riding surface will consist of a concrete deck. The abutments and wingwalls will most likely be cast-in place reinforced concrete with concrete spread footers. The proposed bridge barrier will most likely be a concrete bridge barrier.

The proposed approach roadway will be bituminous and contain two (2) 9-foot lanes and 2-foot shoulders. The width and cross slope will vary and taper to match existing conditions. Structure transition and guide rail will be placed to satisfy length of need computations.

Detours and Impacts

There will be a detour in place during construction of the project. The proposed detour is approximately 6.58 miles in length and will include all State Roads.  The detour will be an approximate 10-minute drive that utilizes SR 3018 (Old Carriage Road), SR 3023 (Airport Road), SR 248 (Phesant Drive), and SR 3021 (Allen Drive).

  • Century Engineering SR 3018 Public Display Sheet
  • Century Engineering SR 3018 Detour Sheet

Questionnaire and Comments

Please take a moment to provide your feedback using our survey at the link below.

Carriage Road Bridge Project Questionnaire

Responses will be collected April 5, 2021 through April 30, 2021. 

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