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Century Engineering understands the importance of spatially-oriented information and how it can be leveraged to make informed decisions when solving complex business problems.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) helps organizations and agencies analyze their information with locational awareness.  It enables the discovery of patterns, relationships and impacts that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to see with non-GIS solutions.  At Century our mission is to help our clients better manage their assets, streamline their workflows, and to make better decisions through the application of spatial technologies.

Century Engineering offers GIS services that support a diverse range of applications including asset management, spatial analyses, data management, visualization, and customized geospatial solutions.  Our team possesses a combined 35 years of GIS/IT experience with knowledge expanding from data development to system design, maintenance, and implementation.  At Century, we practice a comprehensive approach when developing GIS solutions by leveraging our expertise in transportation, water and natural resources, and civil engineering.  This ensures that we are not simply creating technology products, but effective and dynamic solutions.

Century maintains a vendor-neutral approach to technology, placing the needs of our clients as the main focus throughout a project.  The selection of tools and software is based on the identified needs of our clients and not prepackaged products.  Century can provide solutions built using free and open source software frameworks, or within the environments of leading proprietary software packages.

Services Provided:

  • Requirements Analysis, System Design & Implementation
  • Enterprise Database Design & Development
  • Data Creation, Conversion & Field Reconnaissance
  • Data Visualization & Information Extraction
  • Spatial Analyses & Problem-Solving
  • Web & Mobile Application Development
  • High-Quality Cartographic Products

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