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Century’s Emergency Response Services

Century offers Emergency Response Services.

Century Engineering offers Emergency Response Services for natural and manmade disastrous events.  We do work in the rain and snow, as well as the occasional earthquake.  We pride ourselves in being part of and giving back to the community and many time we are out there when times are tough.  Century was engaged for the 2003, 2010, and 2016 blizzards.  We have supported and weathered Hurricane Katrina, Isabelle, and Sandy, and the 2011 Virginia based 5.8 -magnitude earthquake.

Our services included documenting the existing conditions of the structures after the snow events, determining the nature and cause of the damage and partial collapses, analyzing the possibility of re-using the undamaged portions of the structures, providing recommendations for temporary repairs, and reviewing the original design document to determine the need for changes to the design when the structures are permanently rebuilt.

Emergency Response Services Include:

Earthquake Inspections (Services: Structural Engineering)
Snow Damage Evaluations
Hurricane Assistance

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