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Giant Center Arena
Owner: Hershey Entertainment &
Resorts Company
Location: Hershey, PA
Expertise Provided: Civil, Landscape Architecture, Structural, Electrical, Bridge, Highway

Century assisted with site selection and master planning then performed civil, structural, electrical, bridge and highway engineering along with landscape architecture for the development of a 10,500 seat multi-purpose arena added to the newly created Hershey Entertainment Complex.

Working under the regiments of multiple funding sources, Century completed design impacting 150 acres of the complex to include: one single-span 46-foot long by 105-foot wide adjacent box beam vehicular bridge, one single-span 134-foot long by 13-foot wide steel girder pedestrian bridge, over 2,800 feet of retaining walls, two 116-foot long overhead sign structures, 16 new tolling booths, 1.5-mile long 3-lane perimeter circulation road, 10,000 car parking lot, 5 new stormwater management ponds, a half mile township road widening, new utility services, landscaping, and attraction signage.

Century successfully obtained local zoning amendment/ variance approval, subdivision/land development approval, NPDES permitting, Chapter 105/404 encroachment permitting, cultural resource clearance, highway occupancy permitting, and various funding source approvals.

Challenges Encountered:
  • In order to properly fit and layout all project elements efficiently; this project necessitated the consolidation of three tracts of land to form a 258-acre entertainment complex requiring a zoning amendment to create a new zoning district.
  • To support zoning compliance, the two largest parcels required grade separated connections for both pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Layout and circulation patterns carefully considered the presence of multiple venues on the complex and the need to avoid and/or minimize pedestrian/vehicular conflicts throughout the site.
  • With public and private funding sources that leveraged local, county, state, and federal support, this project involved accelerated design and compliance with many special requirements and conditions in order to meet all obligations for the Governors’ ribbon cutting.


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